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34610Alamo Area Council Geocaching Event

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  • theparksplace
    Sep 3, 2010
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      Hello everyone,

      This is mainly for the SA cachers, but all are invited to attend. There will actually be two events. The first is strictly for the Boy Scouts and will be on the Camp. They will be working on the new Geocaching merit badge. The Alamo Area Council of the BSA will be having its "Get Into the Game" geocaching event on 30 October at McGimsey Scout Camp.

      The second will be a sign-in log/book inside the Scout Office where the public can come and sign and get credit for the event. There When you come to sign in, make sure to check out the small musuem and the Eagle Scout Plaza. I am working on the cache for the event so keep an eye out for it. It won't be like other events caches because there won't actually be anyway there for the "event" except for the council staff at the office. The event "log" will be at the desk (or another designated location). Please come and help celebrate the 100th anniversary of Scouting with us.

      There is a possibility that there will be another cache nearby which will be GC24YJF "AACBSA Cache to Eagle: Eagle Scout Plaza". We are still working on a minor detail before we place it. We want it to be there by the 30th of October.

      In order to make this event successful, we need some help from the caching community. We want to show the boys a wide assortment of cache container types. They will be learning how to make a cache and what goes inside them. There is a lot more that they will be doing and we are going to need some help in teaching them about geocaching. If you are wondering what the requirements are, here is the link: http://scoutingmag.typepad.com/files/geocaching_mb.pdf

      Some of us SA cachers are going to place around 50 caches of various difficulty on the park for the boys to find. I just don't have any of the "special" containers to place. Some of the containers I know we would like to have are a magnetic container, one in a log, fake electircal cover, and some of the more interesting ones that you guys have all made. Anything that you provide will be returned to you after the event unless you want to donate them to the boys to hide.

      I am also gathering empty and cleaned pill bottles for the boys to make a CITO container (for requirement #8) but could use a lot more. I am going to try to get a box placed at the Scout Office if anyone wants to drop some off. I will try to get it there by Tuesday.

      If anyone is interested in helping out, we are going to have a planning meeting at the Alamo Area Council (in SA) office at 6pm on Thursday 9 September. It should only be an hour. We are going to work out the details of the event. The biggest thing we will need is people willing to help teach the Boys about geocaching.

      If you are interested, please let me know so I can get you added to the e-mail list. Even if you can't help out, plase come and support the Scouts by signing into the visitor's book.


      Alamo Area Council Geocaching Committee
      "AACBSA" (aacbsa@...)
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