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34321pics for Necropolis

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  • emmy_n_sapphie
    Jul 31, 2010
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      I need a couple of pics to make my interactive map on www.arcgis.com more complete. If you have pics of the Tuscan Eatery's chimney arches or well, or a pic of the shiny disk on Mt. Bonnell, and you are willing to share them, would you please send them to me to use? (mbb2001@...) I will credit you on the map. Thanks. Also, if you have other pics of the final area that you would like me to add, please send those as well.

      So far about 8 people have signed up to have access to the map (including Lord British himself). So far, rave reviews (if I do say so myself lol). If you have already found the cache, I think you will enjoy this online map app of our adventure. If you need info about how to access the map, please let me know.
      Mary Beth
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