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342Re: 2003 Texas State Geocaching Extravaganza!

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  • Rich Wendling <web-ling@web-ling.com>
    Mar 3, 2003

      I've finished designing the two timed multi-caches. The first is a
      hybrid GPS/Orienteering multicache, using standard orienteering
      controls, a map, plus coordinates I'd rate it a 1/3. It will have 10
      points each of the two days. The second course is a more traditional
      timed 4/3.5 multicache, with 10 points each of the two days. Winners
      for each course will win a copy of ExpertGPS and bragging rights for
      the next 12 months.

      The night event will be a cross between a multi-cache and a game of

      I've bought 20 small ammo cans for caches. They will range from 1/1
      to a 4/4 multicache.

      If you plan to attend, PLEASE turn in the registration form. They
      need to be sent in by MARCH 21 to avoid a late fee.

      BruceS from St. Louis, currently with 1969 cache finds, is planning
      to attend.

      This looks like an incredible weekend. Hope everyone can make it!

      Rich Wendling
      aka Web-ling
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