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31590Congratulations to MCP and FNC!!!!!!!

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  • bigguy9211116
    Nov 30, 2009
      Dear Julie and Roger,

      May your life together be as exciting as a FTF chase,
      May every cache you find bring a smile(y) to you both,
      May each day be filled with easy finds but no DNFs, and
      May the two of you be as happy forever, as we all are for you today!

      Does that sound like a wedding toast to anyone else but me?

      Since I played a small part in this, how about I volunteer right now to host the wedding shower event? I have the games and attendees can bring geocaching related gifts.

      And who said there would only be one.... How about a bachelor/bachelorette event? A wedding event? Oh, the possibilities!

      With love,
      Bigguy In Texas