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3146end of the Hot Potato is near...

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  • Scott Robuck
    Dec 1, 2003

      Just a reminder that the Austin Geo-Hot Potato game is officially over either when one team gets 45 points OR at 11:59 PM on Sunday December 21st,, which ever comes first.  I am only pointing that out because due to some fouls in the game, it is possible that either team might win with less than 45 points.  I considered letting the game go past the 21st until one team got 45 points, but there are two problems with that…. 1) if I let it go over, it will end around Christmas and many people will be out of town and not able to play during the most important time of the game, and 2) the rules page states that it will end on the last day of Fall (December 21st). 


      At this point, the Yuppies have 26.17 points and the Bubbas have 33.40 points.


      Scott Robuck

      Team GeoDillo

      N 30° 12.4'

      W 97° 50.4'


      "All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others"

      --  George Orwell, Animal Farm