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31342Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] TxGCC Challenge - we finished!

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  • Carlin
    Nov 2, 2009
      Congratulations!  Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.  Great to hear that you didn't feel rushed and enjoyed the days together and all the bird watching and such.  What an accomplishment, and what an Amazing Race! 
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      As of last night when Monument Park closed at 5pm, only Barry and we had logged that one (30 seconds apart). And at 4pm yesterday, only Barry & we had gotten the 2 at Lake Somerville. We didn't see anyone's name on all six of the the logs that we signed today. So unless a bunch of people went and found a lot of them today, then we were the first to finish because we didn't see Barry's name on the McKinney Falls one when we signed it at 3:45pm today (We both checked twice to see if his name was there  ) We almost had a disater though. When we were at Lockhart SP, we met a mom & her 3 kids who just happened to be in the park today & saw the info posted about the Challange at HQ's, picked up a passport, and used their car Nuvi to get close to GZ. When we got there, they had been hunting for a while. In all the helping them find the cache, telling them about GC.com which they had never heard about, etc, I put my almost completed Passport into the logbook ziplock. Luckily Pat spotted it before we got all the way to Bastrop. That would have set us back because I had to be home by 4:30 today to go to work.God bless Pat - she drove every single mile of that 700+ miles. She's so good to me it's scary.
      Mary Beth


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      Wow!  That's so cool.  Does anyone know who was the FTF?  I guess since there isn't an official "final" we might never know.
      Mrs. Captain Picard

      On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 5:07 PM, emmy_n_sapphie <emmy_n_sapphie@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      We found McKinney Falls SP at 3:45pm today to officially finish the TxGCC! We found our first one (Washington on the Brazos) at 8:09am yesterady, so all total 31 hours and 36 minutes elasped between the first and last cache. We did them all during the daylight when the parks were officially open and we were home last night in time to watch The Amazing Race at 7pm, and we are home othis afternoon in time for me to leave for work in about 2 minutes. Still totally up the milage, but I think it will be around 700 miles. Definitely not an eco-friendly challenge but tons of fun.

      We had a blast. Surprisingly to some of you, Pat has a real competetive side. Once she heard about the challenge a week ago Sat, she started planning our strategy. The scenery in East Texas was beautiful, we stopped along the way to learning some interesting facts about the parks and take some great pictures - even did a little (very little) bit of birdwatching. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the last two days - no sense of rush or panic, just a lot of fun. I totally recommend the Challange - they did a great job setting it up, tthought the terrain ratings for the most part have no basis in reality. Some of the hardest terrains were listed as 1.5's and Huntsville was listed as a 3, and it was one of the easiest.

      Mary Beth

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