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31306RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] missing caches...

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  • Wayne Lind
    Nov 1, 2009
      If they kept thier found caches in a database, they could run a new "All Finds" query, and overlay it on their current finds database using the "Set User Flag" and "Clear all flags" settings. After overlaying the file, the caches without the user flag set would be the ones that are currently not listed as finds. If you don't keep a found cache database, I am not sure how you could tell.
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      I don't suppose there is any way for her to tell which 40 are missing?  It might be helpful to know if they all belonged to the same cacher.

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      A friend of mine checked her profile a couple weeks ago and was sitting
      at 674 caches.
      Checked again a couple days later and was down at 634. 40 caches gone

      Now, I don't think she tracks caches externally to big green like I do
      (it's all about the order, just never mind, you already know I'm
      weird).... which makes finding the oops tough. But do any of you techie
      folk have a suggestion? [I don't think she does pocket queries of all
      finds, either... but I'll ask.]
      And has anyone else had this problem?



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