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30847RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Extra Smileys

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  • Wayne Lind
    Sep 2, 2009
      For the time being however, there are no guidelines for this. If a cache owner wants to give bonus smileys, they are welcome to do so. Cachers then have a choice whether to log bonus smileys. I have placed a couple of caches that have bonus smileys, all but one give you bonus smileys for taking a picture of yourself with a bag of trash you picked up near the cache site. To me this seems to be a good way to encourage folks to CITO. Again, just because bonus smileys are offered doesn't mean they have to be accepted. I have not logged a bonus smiley in several years, but I have no problem with those folks who do.
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      I've seen extra smileys mentioned in multiple places and wonder if someone can point me to a link or just describe how this works.  In general, it seems like folks set criteria for getting extra stuff on the cache page.  I guess I just didn't realize that cache owners had that capability.  Still learnin'.

      Eric / games0802

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