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  • stillfindingthings <stylie@maclaunch.com>
    Feb 21, 2003
      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "tlane3of6" <tlane3of6@y...> wrote:
      > So what's the local feelings about the new optional fee's at
      > Geocaching.com?
      > Personally, I have mixed feelings. I understand that the cost to
      > maintain the site must be growing beyond the amount supported by T-
      > shirt and hat sales. On the other hand, I don't see
      > any 'priviledged' features that I care enough about to pay for.
      > As a practical matter, we haven't lost anything. Jeremy has always
      > said that we will 'never' have to PAY to PLAY and its still true. We
      > can still do everything that we've become used to. (Although,
      > unrelated to any fees I just realized that javascripts are disabled.
      > Two months ago, I didn't even know what that was. If you had a
      > chance to see "A Wee Bit of Fun" cache before, you know that I made
      > a leapt and learned how to copy and paste javascripts.)
      > If we (threelanes) join, it will simply be to support the
      > maintainance of the site and some small 'protection' that we won't
      > lose a site that we have enjoyed so much over the last 10 months. I
      > don't see us ever wanting to hide a cache for 'memebers only'.
      > I see that several locals have joins and many haven't. Interested in
      > sharing your opinions?
      > Tom

      Hello All,
      Wow, I just figured out what this post was about. (I'm a little slow). I went to research caches in Minnesota for an upcoming summer trip, and I ran into a members only cache. In fact, 2 of the 4 caches I was interested in were members only.
      I have always been a strong advocate of free information on the internet and I seem to run into the "pay for", and "register for", sites more and more often. I don't think its bad, I guess, I just harken back to a time when web sites were more or less a labor of love, and information was a little more distributed across a wide variety of sites. Web sites seem to give information away for a while, then they get big, and next thing you know its get out the check book. Look at Google and how its growing, its everywhere..are there any other search engines? ;-) Anyway, I offer that a person who hides cache might cross post the location to other DB sites like Navicache or post to the public usenet. Folks who only want select, "willing to pay" geocache visitors, of course have that option. I certainly felt a small sting of being excluded when I tried to look at those coordinates in MN. I dont know, I'm probably whining. (SUAG)(Shut up and Geocache).
      One final thought, I think the comment on the sales pitch and sign up page is a little interesting..
      The site say's we will never charge you to go Geocaching, yet by charging for the coordinates to the cache isn't the site charging people to go?

      (Getting out his checkbook)

      P.S. Loved the Mckinney Roughs multicache, thanks for the tip at the happy hour back at La Feria.
      P.P.S I miss ole Roxbob's Austin Challenge's
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