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30193Re: Geocaching Site Down

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  • lizeebie
    Jul 3, 2009
      > Yep. I keep all my PQs on my iPod Touch. I can keep on caching! :-)
      > Mike
      > jmd65

      I just ran across www.bcaching.com earlier this week, as well as Blackstar Navigation for using my Backberry to cache.

      I now have my PQ's sent automatically to BCaching.com and I can easily access ALL of the cache information from there, instead of GC.com. So, I'm not out in the cold (?) this weekend either!

      So far, I've not had the inclination to spend a lot of time with GSAK. I get rather intimidated by all those stats! BCaching.com seems to be a simple alternative to printouts from GSAK. You just use the browser on your web enabled phone, and as long as you have signal, you have all the cache info. Haven't used it much yet, so who knows what I'll think about it later on.

      Does anyone else have experience with BCaching.com?


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