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297RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Personalized cache items....

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  • GPS Dude
    Feb 18, 2003
      I am interested in the white chips but what would the cost be to have my
      team logo actually printed on the chip as opposed to using a sticker?
      Also, what GX design are you thinking about?

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      Subject: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Personalized cache items....

      I'm thinking about getting some personalized cache
      items to leave in caches. Right now I'm really leaning
      towards poker chips. They are alot like geocoins but
      without the cost. One place I'm looking at could do
      them at a cost of $129 for the first 100 then $34 per
      100 after that. For that you get poker chips in 1 of
      10 different colors printed with a custom logo on one
      side and the other side blank. On the custom side I'm
      working on a design that will incorporate the GX logo.
      I would leave the other side blank so that team
      stickers could be applied to the center. If I can find
      three of four other teams to each buy 100 we can get
      the cost around $.50/ea.
      The chips I'm looking at are here
      You'd be able to pick whatever color you'd like for
      your team. I'd suggest each team pick their own color
      for ease of distiguishing one from the other but
      that's not necessary.

      If anyone would be interested, let me know and I'll
      get an order together.


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