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  • Cindy and/or Jim
    Nov 3, 2003
      At 10:14 PM 11/3/2003, you wrote:
      Hi, and welcome. You have probably embarked on an addiction that probably should be regulated by the FDA, but is a lot healthier then smoking. I wouldn't worry so much about the no finds, everyone gets them. As you gain experience you will find that the no finds will diminish but they won't ever go away entirely. We have a tremendous group of folks in the Austin/San Antonio area and I have no doubt that you will have more people volunteering to help you all get started then you could ever take advantage of. My wife Candy (Moosiegirl) has already volunteered and I would certainly go out with you all as well.

      Yes, it seems like a very friendly bunch.  I'd love to go out with a group.  (After all, our first experience was in a group, and it seemed like the caches were more easily found with more eyes.)  How are those things usually arranged?

       Julie's email pretty much summed it up. You are very likely to go to places you didn't know existed and see things about this area (and others) you never knew about. Enjoy the journey, and the hunt.

      I know, I have to relax and not be so goal oriented.  I can see where geocaching will help me with that.  In addition, we've already learned about/been to a bunch of parks within the city -- some even not too far from our neighborhood -- that we'd never heard of before.  We've learned about some of the city's forgotten history and about some of its former inhabitants.  Geocaching has certainly expanded our horizons, and we're looking forward to doing lots more of it.

      Thanks, everybody, for helping us feel welcome and for those words of encouragement.


      Wayne (The Outlaw)
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      Hi all,

      We're new to geocaching, and I just discovered this list.  We went once
      with a friend and were hooked.  I need to get back in shape, and I hate
      just hiking.  Having a purpose really makes hiking more fun for me, enough
      that I want to do it often.

      We've made our first dozen or so finds in the last week or so.  But, we've
      probably not found almost as many.  (And a bunch of the ones we did find
      have been virtual, which seem to be a little easier.)

      I'd love some words of wisdom and/or encouragement.

      Team Jactar
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