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26855Re: Garmin 60CSx question

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  • perseid88
    Aug 14, 2008
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      Well, I'm in South Dakota and I did a test the other day. I have never
      really believed the distance on the GPS when doing long treks.
      Especially in the woods with varied signal. But I was surprised at how
      accurate I thought it was.
      I did a loop that was advertised as 8.6 miles. My approach to the
      trail was .25 mile away so I added .50 to that. We also took another
      side trip when I realized we were .19 mile from ice cream at the KOA
      near Keystone.
      This was a trip from 5100' elevation to the highest point in South
      Dakota at just over 7200' on Harney Peak. So all together we should
      have been close to 10 miles. 7 hours later when we returned to the
      truck, the GPS read 9.81. Pretty good. We went ahead and walked
      another .19 before we left just so we could say we did 10 miles and
      2000' elevation gain/loss. It was my 11 year old grandson with me.
      Did I mention it was a balmy 75°?

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "J.P. Grajek"
      <jgrajek@...> wrote:
      > The accuracy error is carried over the entire course. If I stand on a
      > spot and look at what I presume to be true North but am off by .03 of
      > degree, the error is non nonexistent within the city limits. But, the
      > error would be much greater in South Dakota. If you are walking a
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