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26814Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Garmin 60CSx question

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  • J.P. Grajek
    Aug 10, 2008
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      The accuracy error is carried over the entire course. If I stand on a spot and look at what I presume to be true North but am off by .03 of a degree, the error is non nonexistent within the city limits. But, the error would be much greater in South Dakota. If you are walking a course thought to be 6.2 miles and your GPSr is off by 3 - 23 feet 80% of the course, actually the spot where your GPSr thinks you are,  the error is compounded. Also, if you do not walk exactly on the course's center line, meaning you are 10 feet off the center line of the course going around a big sweeping bend/corner/curve (think Track and Field runners starting on a track with 10 lanes on a the curved portion of the track. The runners on the outside lanes start much further down the track than do the inside lanes.), that will also effect the error. A one mile track is only one mile on constant line of the track. A 6.2 mile course is only 6.2 miles on a center line of lets say 2 feet or less.

      emmy_n_sapphie wrote:

      In preparation for the 10K Nike Human Race that will be held at the end
      of August, Pat & I walked the whole course this morning. I carried my
      Garmin 60CSx the whole way and we followed the publish course exactly.
      At the end of the supposedly 6.2 mile course, my mileage on the GPS was
      6.59 miles. Presumably the course is really 6.2 miles since it's a
      certified course. So what would cause my GPS unit to be off by 0.4
      miles? I can see it being off by 0.1 miles because of accuracy issues,
      but 0.4 miles seems like a lot of error. I had good satellite reception
      the whole time. Any thoughts?
      Mary Beth

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