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26705Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] So long ... farewell ...

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  • Kevin (KoosKoos)
    Aug 1, 2008
      I was also on that fateful mission and was glad to see you coming back
      out of semi-retirement. Really sad to see you guys leaving us, but
      definitely wishing you the best in your new location.

      I'd love to adopt some of those fun caches, but so many of them are on
      the other side of the planet (ie, north Austin!). ;)

      I definitely 2nd the idea for a send-off event. Even if we can't get
      an official GC listing, an informal one organized through the group
      would be a good idea.

      And it looks like the next time I take the train from NY to see my
      friend in Connecticut, I need to plan some extra time to go find an
      awesome filler cache or two!


      On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 7:16 AM, Rich and Di Michelson
      <dirich92@...> wrote:
      > Unbelievable! I remember the night Rich and I met you and Wendy, trekking
      > across WCP to find an XWDB near raging radioactive fluid losing potential
      > energy. Good times.
      > I wanna adopt all the puzzles I haven't yet solved. ;) JK, but I bet we'll
      > take some near us. I'll look at the list later this afternoon.
      > Obviously, there needs to be a goodbye event, and we're glad to host it.
      > Does Saturday the 16th work for you? Where would you like it, Fudd's, Baby
      > A's, Rudy's? It needs to be submitted today...
      > I was just thinking, after seeing you at the funky bus cruise event, how
      > nice it was that you are back caching and I was looking forward to some more
      > good puzzles. We're really going to miss you guys!
      > --Di
      > dirich92
      > 2008/7/31 Nick Silkey <nick@...>
      >> CenTex'ers --
      >> In the near future, I will be relocating to New Haven, Connecticut to
      >> take advantage of generous job offer. Both Wendy and I, along with
      >> 16-month old Noah, will be departing from the area during the third
      >> week of August. Its going to be a trip! Word is the CT community
      >> dislikes PAGs, loves hikers, and even goes strong throughout those
      >> crazy winter months (snowshoes, anyone?!).
      >> Its been really fun living in the Austin-area. Like many, I came here
      >> from places abroad (if you want to call Victoria, Texas _abroad_) to
      >> pursue my university degree at eighteen years of age. Once here, like
      >> many, I just simply stayed out of love of the area's amenities
      >> (schools, job market, culture, people). The Austin-area is a great
      >> place, and my foray into geocaching (Feb 2005? sheesh.) further
      >> cemented my connection to this greatness. The Texas Hill Country has
      >> a beauty which I overlooked before being led to explore our area
      >> trails, GPS in-hand. Thanks to all those who helped stash along some
      >> really memorable places. Moreover, thanks to the generous geocaching
      >> community. There is a real circle of friends here, although I find
      >> this term somewhat misleading in that _all_ those who partake in the
      >> hobby are graciously invited to be a part of this circle of friends
      >> whether they have 10 finds or 10,000 finds.
      >> So does anybody want to adopt some caches? :) I have created a list
      >> of all my active caches and put them into a spreadsheet on Google
      >> Docs. The following URL will allow unauthenticated users to edit the
      >> document:
      >> <http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pjejAvWLj3TJkrQukxXrCaQ&hl=en>
      >> Column A lists the cache name, column B lists the GC ID (which also
      >> links to the cache page if you select and click the icon), and Column
      >> C lists the relative location of the container. So, please fill in
      >> the D (or E if you want to be a backup adopter should the
      >> First-To-Adopt fall through) columns if you have an interest in
      >> adopting these caches. Then we can work out adoption details.
      >> Oh, and buy my house too ... ;)
      >> Happy trails.
      >> --
      >> Nick
      >> filler & bcat
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