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26467RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] cache type on your Garmin gps

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  • Julie Perrine
    Jul 2, 2008

      Hi Drew,

      I think what they’re saying is that they use GSAK to transfer the data with the various icons, which is different than overwriting icons in your GPS with something new. 

      I could be wrong!


      Mrs. Captain Picard


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      I've been using the GC.com icons on my GPS for a long time. It works really well for me and I like seeing the smiley faces when I find a cache. The only problem is that the gps can only recognize two icons for the geocaching function. I set the geocache up with the traditional cache icon as not found and smiley face as the found. If I find a cache type other than traditional I have to change that caches icon in the gps to the traditional icon before I can mark it found.

      Drew (KangaDrew)

      --- On Wed, 7/2/08, Nick Silkey <nsilkey@...> wrote:

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      Date: Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 11:20 AM

      I remember this being possible using something like the Garmin
      POILoader function to push these to my 60CS. I ended up scrapping
      that approach in-favor of a customized waypoint name, with tidbits
      like drop2, type, size, diff, terr, and the smart name in the
      description. Worked great since I believe the character limit on
      waypoint names on the 60CS was 12 characters. I preferred that to the
      hacking you had to do then to make the custom icons work.

      Things may have changed a lot since the evolution of GSAK macros,
      version 7, and the like.

      My $0.02.

      On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 10:51 AM, Dwayne <rabel6973@sbcglobal .net> wrote:

      > I have driven down the road with the gps running and a cache floats
      > bye. I wonder if I have time to hunt for this one or not. They are
      > all of one type. Without a PDA or log sheet you do not know what you
      > are looking for(trad,multi, puzzle,film can). I was not aware of this
      > work around found on the gsak. You can download the cache type
      > picture into your gps map page and as you go down the road you can
      > tell if it is something your plans(timeline) allows for finding.
      > Geocaching Swiss Army Knife web site
      > http://gsak. net/
      > topic
      > http://gsak.
      net/board/ index.php? showtopic= 5643
      > I learned something new when a fellow cached posted a question about
      > counties macro running in gsak. I downloaded the files and a little
      > help from MDA_TAZ and SEMIK I got the macro working. So this opened a
      > new chapter of playing with macro's. Maybe this will take some of the
      > mystery out of the game for others just starting out.
      > Dwayne
      > rabel6973--geoname
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