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26464Funky Bus has 14 seats filled on the first day of reservations!

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  • Julie Perrine
    Jul 2, 2008



      After one day of reservation taking, 14 of the 36 spots on the bus are filled!  GROOVY!!!!!!  Just picture the bus pulling up to a cache.  The door opens, the fog billows out, and then we all jump through the fog in our disco duds to find it!  I KNOW you want to be part of that! 


      Making your reservation early


      1)   Guarantees your spot with Cool and her Gang.

      2)   Gives you more time to get your outfit around.

      3)   Lets me breathe a little easier about paying for this on my credit card,


      Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to hide a cache so far!  I’m still working on the rest of the route.  Don’t forget that if you aren’t up for the bus thing, we still want you at the Bon Voyage event so you can throw confetti at us!  Who will throw confetti if you don’t come??????  Ok, we’d probably throw our own, but it’s not the same.


      The Bon Voyage event is GC1DJ48 and putting a watch on it would probably be a good idea.


      Sign up for the Funky Bus by sending me your paypal email, telling me how many people are coming, and whether your paypal is attached to your bank account or credit card.  I’ll have to charge credit card accounts $1 each extra so I can recover the cost of the buses.  If you want to mail me a check, sooner rather than later will be the ticket.


      Get down, get FUNKY!


      Mrs. Captain Picard