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26460cache type on your Garmin gps

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  • Dwayne
    Jul 1, 2008
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      I have driven down the road with the gps running and a cache floats
      bye. I wonder if I have time to hunt for this one or not. They are
      all of one type. Without a PDA or log sheet you do not know what you
      are looking for(trad,multi,puzzle,film can). I was not aware of this
      work around found on the gsak. You can download the cache type
      picture into your gps map page and as you go down the road you can
      tell if it is something your plans(timeline)allows for finding.

      Geocaching Swiss Army Knife web site

      I learned something new when a fellow cached posted a question about
      counties macro running in gsak. I downloaded the files and a little
      help from MDA_TAZ and SEMIK I got the macro working. So this opened a
      new chapter of playing with macro's. Maybe this will take some of the
      mystery out of the game for others just starting out.

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