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26459Caches for the Funky Bus Cruise! - Help Needed!

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  • Julie Perrine
    Jun 30, 2008

      I need some help placing caches for the Funky Bus Tour!  Every stop on the tour is going to be a brand new cache that is on the planned bus route and has easy access and parking for the buses.  I’m going to map out WHERE I need a cache to be placed and then ask for volunteers to place something there.  It’d be cool if the cache containers or theme of the cache were something funky, but one of the main goals of these caches is that we find them fairly quickly and then get back on the bus!


      The bus route will be within a couple mile radius of IH35 and the river.  East side, Rainey Street, SoCo, Riverside, etc.  Does anyone want to volunteer to place a cache for me?  I’ll assign you a location as soon as I get it all mapped out.  We’ll try to coordinate the release so they get published a couple of days before the event and then everybody will have to be patient and wait until Saturday to go find them.





      Mrs. Captain Picard