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25644RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Suggestions for placing caches "elsewhere" in the world?

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  • Perrine, Julie
    Apr 14, 2008
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      I have another suggestion.  Please make the cache as close to the places where travelers might go as possible.  When I thought I was going to China , I looked at the caches and there were several (there were only 49 in all of China ) that were extremely remote (and Westerners aren’t allowed to drive) and hadn’t been found in the couple of years since they had been hidden.  Well, DUH!  Most people aren’t going to be able to get to where the cache was, AND I wouldn’t even try because the chances of it being there after several years (with no FIND logs), are very small.  A great place for your cache should be within easy walking distance of the hotel district, OR at a spot that is highly trafficked by tourists (such as Macchu Picchu.)


      Julie Perrine

      AMD Sales Finance


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      I second Candy’s suggestions and also suggest that a log book of the size to write something meaningful is going to be better than just signing your name (as with a bison tube).  The experience gained from seeing other people visit from around the world (possibly) makes this a much “richer” cache.  And by all means, GIVE IT AWAY in the notes.  Nobody wants to DNF their one chance at a cache in India !





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      > Next week, I am bound for
      w:st="on">India for the first time ...
      > ... My schedule is busy ...
      > ... Do any of you have tips about the style of cache containers and
      hides that seem best for these types of locations? I am guessing that
      bison tubes or decon containers may be the best choices ...

      Vicki, I think you are right to stick to small and virtually water and
      critter-proof. You might even want to invest in a couple of small
      lock-n-locks or a "real" dry box like you carry in a canoe or kayak,
      in case you have to worry about monsoon rains. Plastic might still be
      susceptible to critters, but sometimes you have to take your chances.
      Tie it down if you can. If a colleague is willing to do the
      maintenance, you might want to provide him/her with at least one extra
      container and logs/pencils/ pens to make it easy on them.

      Good luck on making some small part of India a little richer in cache!

      Happy Trails,

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