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25479Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Project ideas needed

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  • Barb Jernigan
    Apr 1, 2008
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      In that vein, I'd go with the Texas Maze/Orienteering formula and have unique punches at the sites. Punch a score card.
      On Tue, 1 Apr 2008 07:30:03 -0500 "bcwatson" <bcwatson@...> writes:

      Set up a "geocaching park". 

      Put identifying marks in concrete posts or blocks on the ground so the can't be removed.

      Easy enough to control the actual GPS units.  Kids need to come back with information on

      what they found and then you can hand out the "prizes" for what they found…

      If you had a square shaped concrete post or block, then you could number each side.

      This would keep kids from knowing what information you were wanting them to find as

      you would change up what numbers to get off the post that the coords take them to.


      Yes, it isn't quite the same as there is no "container" at the location, but they still get to

      learn how to use the GPS and they get rewarded for their "find"….


      How's that sound?


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      Hi all

      I have an opportunity to apply for a grant of anything up to $10,000
      to fund a community project. There is a VERY loose remit about what
      kind of projects qualify. It has to be new and it has to provide
      some kind of service to the community and or kids in that community
      that is not already being met. So no taking something old and revamping it.

      One of the examples of a project from last year was setting up an
      orienteering course, training local schoolkids and organising a
      competition between schools at the end.

      It struck me that I can substitute geocaching for orienteering and do
      something to help local schools teach the kids about GPSRs,
      coordinate systems and navigation.

      Ten grand could buy a whole load of yellow etrexes.

      On the down side, would it run the risk of letting the "bad kids"
      know what we do and risk wholesale muggling of local caches?

      I need thoughts and ideas please.

      Alex (Slytherin)


      A multitude of small delights constitutes happiness. - Charles Baudelaire
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