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25467RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Old Hancock Texas

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  • Melanie Dickerman
    Mar 31, 2008



      After studying the history of the area, looking at current maps and an old land plot map from 1897 I believe it is pretty close to:


      98°14'7.38"W   29°54'38.78"N   



      I am by no means an expert here but this was an intriguing question so I had to look it up.  If you are looking for buried treasure it probably won’t help any but as a bit of trivia, it will probably work.


      I would have liked to get my hands on this book which might be able to pinpoint the location even better.

      Hill Country Backroads: Showing the Way in Comal County




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      Hey group, I have fielded a question I am currently unable to answer so
      I thought we would ask the experts out there for a bit of help.

      When Canyon Lake was first created, there was a town named Hancock that
      was submerged when Canyon Dam was finished. I have looked at some of
      the history of the lake area but can only find the name of the town,
      but not where under the lake it might be.

      Can anyone give us the coordinates of the city of Hancock, Tx which is
      buried under Canyon Lake, or give us information as to how we might
      find the data?

      Paparazzi Pete

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