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25052Not a story or a silly log but an observation

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  • Mark or Debra Eyman-Whitehead
    Mar 3, 2008
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      You may or may not know that we are from Washington state. The
      Pacific Northwest, like Austin, tends to be a goofy place. It's not
      that people intend to be goofy they just do stuff that, outside of
      Austin or here, would get them some sideways glances.

      Over the weekend I had the chance to say "I love the Pacific
      Northwest" three times because of our brand of goofballs.

      First we are parked in a hardware store parking lot and next to us is
      a newer Ford Ranger. Very nice condition and clipped (with paper
      clips) to the rubber around his driver's side window is a meat

      Coming out of the parking lot, this would be the second one, we had a
      car in front of it with a shaggy white dog hanging out the driver's
      side. We are big dogs-hanging-out-of-a-car people so we watched and
      enjoyed the dog enjoying the breeze. We pull up beside her and the
      dog, mid-size, is sitting in her lap and she's smoking a big cigar.

      Lastly we drop by friends of ours, (Howard... it's Jan and Dennis)
      and I have to say that these people are very upright, proper,
      everyting in it's place, very nicely dressed, don't go out doing
      weird stuff, sort of like they are everyone's grandparents... and in
      the bathroom sitting on the lip of the tub is a beer!

      I know most of you can't appreciate that last one but Howard can.

      I love how weird this place is. I love being surprised by goofy stuff.

      How about you guys? Seen any goofball stuff like this?
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