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  • Randell Pitts
    Mar 1, 2008



      I'm sorry you had that experience.  I only wish I had know about it back then, I might have been able to help.  I'm an officer in Granger (since '01) and know everyone around the area.  I think you actually encountered someone from the area that is going around impersonating an officer.  Also, the Bartlett officer you met up with (do you remember his name?) is long gone.  Bartlett has cleaned the police station at least twice since then, and having just recently met the new chief, I think the climate is a little friendlier.



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      Yeah, except for the Tush Brothers' high speed chase through the Texas night, yours took the cake today. [That pan handle police officer gets one right up there, though.]
      That said, we've fortunately had nothing but good relations with the muggles who discover us -- whether we explain the sport or supply a cover story. But then, I can get Customs officers to chuckle, too.... so may be one of those weir-- er... spectacularly screwball individuals. Or, my time is coming. [May I stay firmly with option #1, Mr. Cosmic Game Show Host? Thank you.]
      One bad incident can spoil a whole lotta caching, though. And that's a shame.
      As Amish Angel said: Cache Safe, Cache On....
      And Be happy, Mon
      On Sat, 1 Mar 2008 00:27:45 -0600 "Barry Watson" <bcwatson@hopesanddr eams.com> writes:
      Have to agree here.  Best thing would be to reassure him that you were not on that side (east) of the fence and that he didn't have anything to worry about from you.  Then you walk away...
      I have had a MUCH worse experience because someone placed one on private property and didn't think to find out if it was or not before placing it...
      aka Doc Geo
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      > I posted very nicely on the log, but I think I can share with the rest
      > off yall that this guy really ticked me off and just about ruined my
      > afternoon. The DNF didn't help either. But lunch at "Green Sauce" and
      > the finding some caches afterwards got the guy out of my head.
      > Castle Hills Micro GC19KE8

      IMHO, you should have just walked away once you knew he was the
      property manager and you had been asked to leave. Plus, you knew (or
      at least had reason to believe because of the hint) that you shouldn't
      have been on the east side in the first place.

      Did you really think he was going to give a rat's patooty about some
      website and the fact that you were going to post on it? I'm sorry, but
      get real.

      - Mark


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