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24599Re: HELP! Need cache guides in San Antonio this weekend!

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  • Steve & Trish DeFau
    Feb 1, 2008
      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "Candy Lind"
      <candylind@...> wrote:
      > There is a MAGC member named Christian (sorry, don't know his geo
      > yet!) in San Antonio from Germany for a conference this week, and
      > would like to make a numbers run. I'm going down to cache with him,
      > but I don't know that I can set up a good numbers run for him
      > I still have so many unfounds down there. I have another snag, and
      > that is that I need to leave for the reading of my parents' will for
      > about 2 hours on Sunday, so I REALLY REALLY need a little help
      here ...
      > Is there someone out there who will "partner" with me to show
      > Christian a Central Texas good time this weekend? This might not end
      > up being a real productive weekend for me and my "partner," but
      > be sure to get a ton of warm fuzzies if we give Christian a good
      > numbers run, right?
      > Call the hotline if you want to "partner" and/or tag along!
      > Happy Trails,
      > Candy

      Christian's caching name is Hzoi. Thank you for your help CenTex
      cachers! I was planning to come down there and go caching with him
      but at the very last minute things changed and I will not be able
      to. Hzoi is a great cacher and a really nice guy. I think it would
      be fun for him to set his all time find record in San Antonio. Since
      he's been stationed in Germany for a while, he is not used to San
      Antonio traffic (I am in teh same boat) so any driving assitance
      would be a huge bonus probably, too.

      Thanks ya'll!

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