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2415Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Re-radiating antenna for Etrex KICKS BUTT!

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  • Mark Gessner
    Oct 3, 2003
      I sell stick-on signal boosters similar to those sold for mobile
      phones. As you "techie types" may know, the expensive digital
      cellphones these days use CDMA technology, which is the exact same
      technology used by the GPS system to eliminate multipath fading. So
      for $19.95 plus shipping and handling, you may experience a full
      12-satellite lock plus augmented WAAS anywhere you go, even indoors,
      and the most amazing thing is that it *never* needs batteries. This
      little stick-on antenna booster uses proven RF technology to literally
      "pull signals right out of the air!" Amazing. But that's not all...
      By stacking two of these stick-on signal boosters on top of each other
      my little eTrex can get a lock on 24 satellites simultaneously!* This
      does tend to drain the batteries a bit but...

      ...I also know where you can get a little packet of spurious lithium
      dust you can sprinkle on your dying NiMH or Alkaline batteries, to
      boost them with the full power of lithium for a fraction of the price
      of new cells. To get the full "recharge" effect from the lithium dust,
      it helps if you get a little on your hands and sniff them vigorously
      and frequently during the recharge process...

      aka "lowracer"


      *Your mileage may vary. 24-satellite lock result not typical. Signal
      boost not available in all areas due to orbital conditions. Void where
      prohibited or taxed by local law. Spurious lithium dust not legal for
      use in most states and foreign countries, not for sale to minors.
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