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2412Re-radiating antenna for Etrex KICKS BUTT!

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  • Candy Lind
    Oct 2, 2003
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      I put out a plea on TXGA for assistance in building something I'd seen on a gps newsgroup; it's called a re-radiating antenna. It's basically a kluge for an external antenna, when your GPS doesn't have a plug for one. To give you an idea what this entails, you purchase an external antenna (I got one on ebay for $20 including shipping), then you build (or have someone build) a little box that takes the big signal from the external antenna, feeds it through a little powered circuit, and radiates it through a little loop of wire. This wire is positioned so that you can place it directly over the internal antenna on your GPSr, causing the GPS to suck up the external antenna signal. That's a re-radiating antenna -- I'll call it RRA from here on.
      Jim Barth (Moore9KSUCats) told me he would build me one; he even went so far as to supply all the parts, although I offered to pay him! He wanted to do it for the fun, and to see how well it would work. This funky little black box with a wierd little loop of wire coming out of it TOTALLY KICKS ASS!!!! After one false start, where the epoxy holding the BNC connector wasn't holding so the connection was bad, he did some serious re-glueing while his son Nick and I went and washed the cachemobile. Second run, when Jim used it inside the house with his old GPS12, it more than quadrupled the signal the GPS was getting! And to make sure it wasn't getting sats through the windows, he put the GPS and the RRA inside a large tin can. TOO COOL.
      Now, off to test it in the car. MUY IMPRESSIVO! I had the GPSr sitting on my passenger seat, where it would normally get next to nothing, and with the RRA on, it was getting STRONG signals with differential (WAAS) on 8 birds, with 8 to 10 foot accuracy! WOOHOO! I LIKE this thing! :-DD
      I can hardly wait to test this thing out in the pine forests of the Northeast!!!! :-) You'll hear a full report when we get home.
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