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24019Free for a last-minute Friday trip?

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  • Candy Lind
    Jan 4, 2008
      Wayne and I went caching in the Hill Country last Sunday, and I lost something I deem important, enough to get in the car and retrace my steps to try to find it. Anyone up for a last-minute caching trip thru the Hill Country? We should be back before dark. If you live south, I'd appreciate it if you can come north to meet me, but it's not 100% necessary. It won't be a big numbers run but the scenery is awesome and the caches we did were fun. Nothing strenuous!

      I'm hoping to leave by 9:00 (as soon as I get a batch of chicken out of the oven), so call me right away if you would like to go along. Six three two, six two zero six for anyone who doesn't already have it.

      Happy Trails!

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