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23989Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Discovering a Cache

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  • Doc
    Dec 31, 2007
      That is an AMAZING story!   So cool!

      "Maria \"theJump\"" <thejump@...> wrote:
      I'm told that I should share the story of my find #446 ...

      After a day of caching through Stillhouse Hollow ... DH and I headed home.  DH wasn't feeling great but agreed to hit a couple of caches on the way home.  I found a group of 3 that were "just off the road" ... and so we stopped.  Quickly we went into the woods we found there.  Quickly we found "What's Cooking" (GCZ3B8) and made our way over to "Along the Lake" (GCRP3N) ... I was surprised but then we headed to "Where's the Bridge" (GCZ3AQ) ... this was an adventure.  This entire area had been underwater at some point and the amount of flood debris in the area was staggering.  We BUSHWACKED for 0.25 miles ... argh ... but we found the cache.  As we bushwacked back (of course the car was in a different direction from where we had come, we found the really fun find of the day ...

      At N31 00.545 W97 38.524, I looked down and there laying on the ground I found a camo'd pill container.  I picked it up and opened it ... inside there was a log ... and water, lots of water ... well ... since there wasn't any other caches in this general area I slipped it into my pocket and brought it home.  Having spent the evening drying out, I managed to unroll the log and decipher parts of it ... it took some sleuth work but thanks to being able to read the FTF and the first page of logs dating back to MAY 2005, I identified the little guy ... it was "Roller Coaster anyone" (GCP0TV) ... this little cache had been on an adventure of its own because I found it 15.7 MILES (as the crow flies) from where it was supposed to be ...

      Did I log it?  Of course ;-D

      And that is the story of my favorite find of the day!


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