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23716Re: I'm Surrounded by Things to Find?!

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  • Candy Lind
    Nov 30, 2007
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      So, Bruce, when do you want to go caching? There are skads of us with
      GPSr's in hand just WAITING to go out with a new geocacher and
      experience once again the WONDER that was ours when we found our first
      few caches!

      Oh, my number is six three two - six two zero six ... when you're ready
      to schedule a caching trip ... AND I'm the local ''geocaching hotline''
      if you need to phone a friend while you're on the trail!

      Happy Trails,

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "Bruce Burns" <bruce@...>
      > Last week during Thanksgiving, my sister tells me this nutty story
      > that happened to her recently. She and her family were having a
      > picnic in a park when another family walked up to hers at the park
      > table pavilion where they were sitting. Someone in the group asked
      > my sister if they could stand on the concrete table and look for
      > something under the pavilion roof; so my sister, baffled at the
      > strange request, tells the guy to go ahead. A second later, the man
      > pulls out a box from the rafters, opens it up, and signs a paper,
      > places some sort of trinket in the box, and then puts the box back
      > where it was. My sister was obviously curious and asked what was
      > going on, and that's when she found out about this whole geocaching
      > thing.
      > Now it's been driving me crazy ever since she told me about this.
      > The thought that there's all these things hidden all around me - and
      > the fact that most of these things have been hidden all over for
      > quite some time – well, it's really plaguing my mind and I got to
      > out and find them!
      > But I don't have a GPS. Well, I do, but it's a USB thing that
      > attaches to my laptop and works with Microsoft Streets and Trips.
      > However, I'm not going to take my laptop around with me in the wild
      > looking for these things. So I went out without a GPS looking for
      > them. I found the first one in a Cedar Park park down the street
      > from my house – that was easy, too many clues. But I've had no
      > luck with the other one's I've looked for. I need a handheld unit.
      > So, let's say money is not really an obstacle here: What would be the
      > best handheld GPS unit I could get, and what software and/or hardware
      > should I also buy along with it in order to have the most fun
      > geocaching? I've always loved maps and stuff, so I'm a bit shocked
      > that I'm just now finding out about all of this and can't wait to get
      > out there and find these things. Also, I'm also planning some really
      > creative caches and locations to place on my own...
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