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23709I'm Surrounded by Things to Find?!

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  • Bruce Burns
    Nov 30, 2007
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      Last week during Thanksgiving, my sister tells me this nutty story
      that happened to her recently. She and her family were having a
      picnic in a park when another family walked up to hers at the park
      table pavilion where they were sitting. Someone in the group asked
      my sister if they could stand on the concrete table and look for
      something under the pavilion roof; so my sister, baffled at the
      strange request, tells the guy to go ahead. A second later, the man
      pulls out a box from the rafters, opens it up, and signs a paper,
      places some sort of trinket in the box, and then puts the box back
      where it was. My sister was obviously curious and asked what was
      going on, and that's when she found out about this whole geocaching

      Now it's been driving me crazy ever since she told me about this.
      The thought that there's all these things hidden all around me - and
      the fact that most of these things have been hidden all over for
      quite some time – well, it's really plaguing my mind and I got to go
      out and find them!

      But I don't have a GPS. Well, I do, but it's a USB thing that
      attaches to my laptop and works with Microsoft Streets and Trips.
      However, I'm not going to take my laptop around with me in the wild
      looking for these things. So I went out without a GPS looking for
      them. I found the first one in a Cedar Park park down the street
      from my house – that was easy, too many clues. But I've had no such
      luck with the other one's I've looked for. I need a handheld unit.

      So, let's say money is not really an obstacle here: What would be the
      best handheld GPS unit I could get, and what software and/or hardware
      should I also buy along with it in order to have the most fun
      geocaching? I've always loved maps and stuff, so I'm a bit shocked
      that I'm just now finding out about all of this and can't wait to get
      out there and find these things. Also, I'm also planning some really
      creative caches and locations to place on my own...
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