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23151RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Hi from a new geocacher

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  • Lee Dedear
    Sep 30, 2007
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      And if you're creating a puzzle cache or other type where the seeker must calculate or otherwise determine the final coordinates, the map on your cache page won't be enough to check your work. Paste the coordinates of the actual container into Google Maps. Also, you (or preferably a friend who won't cheat by logging the cache first) should solve the puzzle or otherwise gather the final coordinates, then make sure they match the actual coordinates of the final. Miss one letter in a formula, and you'll be dispatching several FTF hounds off into parts unknown, like I did to the dear Mrs. Captain Picard! I think she's forgiven me of that, just like I forgave her for sending me to a very interesting spot that, unfortunately, was several miles from the actual location of one of her new caches.
      By and large, we're a reasonable and forgiving lot, and smart enough not to climb over a razor wire fence just because the little pointer says the cache is over there. But you've got to be a LITTLE suspicious of the mental stability of someone who has hunted Tupperware in the woods five or six or seven... THOUSAND... times or more! :)

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      Welcome to the gang! 
      I can't wait to go find your new hides!   My one piece of advice to new cache hiders is:
      Choose your spot carefully, and confirm your coordinates by viewing the cache map on your cache page BEFORE you submit it to the reviewer.  The map should show your cache at the location you intended it to be in.  If it doesn't, you screwed up inputting your coordinates.  It's happened to ALL of us!  But you can easily avoid the HORRIBLE PERSONAL HUMILIATION and IRE of all those you've sent out to Timbuktu by checking first!
      ...but you probably think I'm kidding....... LOL!
      We'll see!
      Mrs. Captain Picard

      On 9/30/07, rgbryan666 <rgbryan666@...> wrote:

      I'm slither666, aka Richard. I've been geocaching for only about 1
      month. A coworker got me interested, Semper Questio. I guess once I
      held the device in my hand and found my first cache on my own I was
      hooked. I am now the proud owner of a GPS device and have over 50
      cache finds. I'm working on ideas for my first hides.

      I hope there is an event some time where I could meet some of you.

      I just want to close by saying that GiGi has my heartfelt sympathy and
      her son is in my prayers.

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