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22971WTB: Cheap, Idiot-proof, Used GPS

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  • Rees
    Sep 2, 2007
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      Has anyone upgraded their technology and don't know what to do with
      the old GPS? Hard times hit late last year and I sold my Gekko
      hastily for some quick cash. Am back on my feet but still don't want
      to buy a brand new unit if I don't have to...call me cheap! =0) Don't
      want to spend more than $50 to $75. I've hit a couple of the easier P
      &G's and have been bitten by the caching bug again! Also, have had 3
      short people added to my household that I think would LOVE to

      Shoot me an email with whatcha got to offer and how much you'd like
      for it...

      If this email is inappropriate, I apologize.