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22919Washington Trip A Complete Success

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  • semperquestio
    Aug 20, 2007
      As some of you know, we made a trip to the Seattle area to surprise my
      brother, Shop99er, by showing up at his GeoLuau 4 event in Port
      Orchard when they thought there was no way we could make it. We had
      some extra goals as well and we met them all!

      We completely surprised my brother and his wife, we made it to the
      Great Lilly Pad for our 1800th find, we made to the Original Stash
      cache, and the streak continues (so far)! What a great trip! It has
      just been too short! We return tomorrow and then I get to get all my
      logs entered and get back to work.

      By the way. If you get up here and can make it to the Sequim area,
      there are some great caches up there. My favorite today was called
      "Roar Of The Falls" by NinjaEmery. Of course, I don't think our
      rented Jeep Commander will ever be the same, but we had a ball getting
      that and all the other caches!