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22891RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Diehard geocachers (you know who are...)

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  • Renee
    Aug 14, 2007

      LMAO!!!  Sign Candy/Moosiegirl up!!!  She’d for sure qualify…


      I don’t think I’m eligible.  The only thing I have in my history even close to an injury is a case of PI.  And who here hasn’t had at least one of those?


      Renee/zenfire ß deliriously tired and really should be in bed!


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      Cacher Needs Maintenance Micro Geocoin in Plastic Flip
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      *One LE Gold Coin will be included with orders placed by cachers who document a caching related injury requiring medical treatment in the geocaching.com forum thread. Be sure to include your caching name in the comments field on the PayPal order page so it can be matched with your forum post.


      And sure! he's one tough feller!

      Crazy like us!


      On Tue, 14 Aug 2007 06:39:21 -0700 (PDT) Doc <bcwatson@yahoo. com> writes:

      When I got poked in the eye by a cedar branch during some night caching and had to rely on just one eye, the wife wanted me to go to the Emergency Room to get it looked at.  I remember telling her, "Look, either  it will get better or it won't.  Nothing I can do to change that now.  So let's get some more caches done before heading home...."   (I'm glad it got better...)


      I have heard similar stories about some of our central Texas geocaching buddies.  We ought to make this guy an honorary "Diehard Geocachers" club member...




      aka Doc Geo

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