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22854Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] A 5K AFFAIR TO REMEMBER!

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  • Barb Jernigan
    Aug 13, 2007
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      Candy wrote:
      It's dogged determination like this that has brought Paul to the point where he has found 5000 caches in a mere 2 years and 2 months ... for 791 days, that averages 6.32 caches per day, 44.25 caches per week,  192.3 caches per month.
      His cache affair is a wondrous thing
      That we'll rejoice in remembering
      Our love was born with the first cache faced
      And a page was torn out of time and space

      His cache affair, it will always be
      A flame to burn through eternity
      So take mark his stats with a fervent prayer
      That he may seek on, and he may share
      A cache affair to remember
      Way to go, Paul!!!!

      Suddenly, high above the crowd, Ralph thought, "I'm an old dog, and this is a new trick." --Gary Larsen; The Far Side
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