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22807RE: From the Horse's Mouth: Garmin Maps, unlocking, updates

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  • Doc
    Aug 1 12:23 PM
      Thank you for contacting Garmin.
      The maps can be expensive, but when you get into the GPS market for licensing data the price goes up from the vendors and that shows in end prices.  It seems a map would be a map in a lot of ways, but the market matters…routable, vector, load to a GPS, etc. all figure huge.
      As for the meat of your email (the second unit unlock), I personally agree with you.  No other GPS manufacturer has anything like that…Garmin was the only one…and I personally felt it was a nice selling point for some potential customers.  However, they did remove that. 
      I will pass your feedback along.
      Thank you again for your interest in Garmin GPS.  Have you seen our online Map Viewer?  Preview the basic data in many of the MapSource products firsthand.
      Best regards,
      Garmin International
      1200 E. 151st Street   
      Olathe, KS ( USA )  66062

      From: Doc [mailto:bcwatson@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 3:49 PM
      To: Cartography Mailbox
      Subject: From the Horse's Mouth: Garmin Maps, unlocking, updates
      To Whom It May Concern,
      I hope this is reaching the correct department.  If not, please feel forward this to the correct department.
      I am very upset to hear about making the software unlock for one unit only.  The software is already very expensive for a private individual to pay for.  I have 4 Garmin units: GPSMAP 76, 60CSx, and 2 Rhinos.  What I have learned is that I will not be able to afford to get new maps for my units due to this marketing decision.  I have heard nothing but excellent stories of customer support when customers have returned units for one reason or another.  But this seems to fly into the face that excellent tradition of customer support.  By limiting the software to unlock only one unit instead of two, you are doubling the cost for your customers...  I can't say I have any idea of your company's financial health, or any other possible reasons for this decision, but it saddens me to know that my relationship with Garmin and your products is at an end.
      Barry Watson

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