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22343Almost time for Hot Potato!!

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  • Kevin Mefford
    Jun 30, 2007
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      A lot of great activity lately with more and more cachers signing up
      to play.

      Sometime after midnight, I'll place the Mr. Hot Potato travel bug and
      the game will begin!!!

      Once one of the team's finds the bug and places it into a cache, the
      timer will start.

      While I have scripts in place that are using the email timestamp,
      please do me a favor and include the time you are LOGGING the travel
      bug when you enter your "placement" log....it's just a backup in case
      the script or email bombs out.

      I can't wait to hear some audio logs from players and hear the stories
      as we get the game going!!!!


      P.S. Don't forget, any cacher can play the game even if you haven't
      formally declared your "team" yet. Just help move the bug and make
      sure it's placed AND logged within 4 hours of picking it up from a
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