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223Re: Cache approval/disapproval and Geocaching.com's existence

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  • angryarmadillo <angryarmadillo@yahoo.com>
    Jan 1, 2003
      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "Rich Wendling
      <web-ling@f...>" <web-ling@f...> wrote:
      > > AustinExplorer.com covers caches within about 60 miles of Austin.
      > It
      > > includes the ability for cache finders to rate the cache for
      > > difficulty and terrain. It's a completely database-driven website
      > > that could easily scale up to the state level. It also includes
      > the
      > > ability to cover both geocaching.com and navicache.com caches.
      > Would you have the capability of allowing cachers to CREATE and LIST
      > caches on AustinExplorer.com instead of on Geocaching.com?
      > I'd like the idea of expanding state-wide! Please feel free to list
      > all of my North Texas caches!

      I think that'd be great too. I think you're puling data from Navicache
      but I'm not sure. If I could create cache listings at
      austinexplorer.com I'd do it. I'd rather not duplicate efforts. If
      someone has already got most of the infrastructure in place I'd be
      happy to volunteer to help out.

      Tony from Team Bohica
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