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  • Bob Chernow
    Apr 2, 2007

      It looks as though my farewell to Texas is coming sooner than expected.
      As it stands now I will be packed on the 20th and loaded (I wish) on the
      21st. I will still make the Farewell event. I will be then driving to NC
      to close on the 26th. So what about this upcoming event idea. Well I
      HATE garage sales but we have so much stuff (nice word for junk) that we
      cannot take. Some of it is very saleable and some of it really is junk.
      I am thinking of moving it all to one side of the garage here and having
      the movers leave it. I am going to SF for the first week in May and
      will be back around the 11th. So I am thinking of an event at my rental
      here in Kyle for Sunday the 13th of May. I will provide the Pizza and
      softdrinks and will offer for sale at VERY reasonable prices all that I
      have left. Whatever does not sell will be junked on that Monday so just
      make me a decent offer.

      Now, what does that have to do with caching. Not much. But I will also
      be offering all of my Texas caches up for adoption. So, what say you.
      Should I have the "bobchernow's Cache Adoption, Final Send Off, and
      Garage Sale Event."???????

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