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213Re: Cache approval/disapproval and Geocaching.com's existence

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  • Robert <robert@austinexplorer.com>
    Jan 1 12:40 PM
      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "angryarmadillo
      <angryarmadillo@y...>" <angryarmadillo@y...> wrote:
      > I think
      > adding a voting system to a caching website would be a great thing.
      > That way you'd get an idea of whether it's worth your while to check
      > it out. I've already started on my own geocaching website that I
      > try to expand into a Texas-wide geocaching site.

      AustinExplorer.com covers caches within about 60 miles of Austin. It
      includes the ability for cache finders to rate the cache for
      difficulty and terrain. It's a completely database-driven website
      that could easily scale up to the state level. It also includes the
      ability to cover both geocaching.com and navicache.com caches.

      What it is missing is a larger number of users. I can speak from
      experience that the market maker (i.e. geocaching.com) enjoys an
      enormous mindshare. People tend to not want to go to another site to
      log finds. An "open source" system would resolve much of that issue,
      but I'm not very confident that will work out.

      Check out http://www.austinexplorer.com/geocaching/. I'm always
      interested in ideas for improvements. Right now you can log finds,
      rate the caches, look at cache stats for the area AND map your caches
      with finds highlighted on maps that can zoom down to sub-city level
      (something that Buxley's can not do).

      a.k.a. Austin Explorer
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