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20353Re: No Reserving Spots!

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  • Jack Glantzberg
    Jan 30, 2007
      I need to wait for the foliage to come in so that the leaves don't
      block the reflectors. I want this one to be available year round. I
      haven't done LoS yet, so I don't know the full concept they used, but
      I'd probably call it a cousin rather than a clone. When I get done
      with this, I'm sure you will enjoy it. But it will take a lot of work
      to get it done. And if I end up having to move the final even 10ft to
      avoid a new cache that comes in, it can result in days more work to
      get it running. To give you an idea, here is the description I have
      going for it already:

      Constellations - Night Cache

      Constellations. A matter of perspective. We look up in the sky and
      see Orion, Libra, Andromeda, Camelopardalis... But what would people
      see on Mars? Or from another star system? Amazing what can be seen
      when the stars align the right way.

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "Perrine, Julie"
      <julie.perrine@...> wrote:
      > Hey Jack,
      > For a night cache, all you need to submit to the reviewer are the
      > starting coordinates and the ending coordinates. The reflectors can
      > have you walking right over regular caches, because you don't have to
      > disclose where they all are. And don't feel like you have to wait for
      > foliage. Whatever you put out there is going to transcend the seasons
      > anyway.
      > Julie
      > Mrs. Captain Picard
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