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198RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] What's going to happen if they decide to pick up their toys and go home?

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  • Ken Mikolaj
    Dec 31, 2002
      That's very interesting since there is no way 'prove'
      someone was at ANY cache. The mere scribbling of some
      notes in a log book does not prove you were there.
      Someone could have taken the log book to you & then
      returned it after you signed it. I think the whole
      "can't post a cache until you can prove someone was
      there" is totaly bogus. There are no prizes for
      finding a cache. I could go to geocaching.com right
      now and log 1,000 finds and nobody could prove that I
      wasn't there.

      I'm going to keep my eyes open on this issue. This is
      very disturbing & does not point to a bright future
      for this hobby.

      --- Daniel McGauley <hawkeye@...>
      > My problem with the geocaching guys is that I have a
      > copy of the cache
      > hiding rules and I follow them when I place a cache,
      > but I still get
      > them rejected. My rejections have been for a
      > variety of reasons. One
      > was because the virtual cache was too easy to find
      > because part of the
      > name was on topographical maps. Two more were from
      > virtual caches where
      > they said I had no way of proving a person went to a
      > cache or not even
      > though I have a custom CGI script that verifies
      > this. The final one was
      > because it was too close to another cache. I know
      > of all the caches in
      > Austin and I know my cache was close to another
      > cache, but it wasn't
      > close enough to cause confusion. I was very tactful
      > with the geocaching
      > admins, but they were rather rude. I finally tried
      > putting pressure on
      > them by telling them to either post the cache or I'm
      > not paying an
      > annual support fee like I have every year the sport
      > has been around.
      > They told me the rules are the rules, which was
      > funny since this wasn't
      > in the RULES! I don't like dealing with idiots, and
      > their actions were
      > very idiotic, so until I hear the sport is changing
      > for the better I'm
      > going to find a new hobby.
      > I don't think most people have problems with the
      > geocaching guys though
      > because they hide normal sized caches. I like
      > hiding virtual caches
      > because they take people to neat places in Austin.
      > I hid the bullet
      > hole cache at U.T., a couple of movie caches that
      > take you to places
      > where famous movies have been shot, the focault
      > pendulum cache on 35,
      > and several others. I was told by the geocache
      > admins that until I can
      > PROVE that someone went to those sites, I can't post
      > them any more. I'm
      > sure most of you have used my auto-logging system.
      > I think that's proof
      > enough, but they wanted more. I suggested they
      > build virtual-checking
      > into their site, and they said they might in the
      > future, so until then
      > I'm not going to spend the energy hiding stuff only
      > to cross my fingers
      > that they'll post it.
      > It's a fun sport, and I enjoyed playing it, but
      > whenever politics get
      > involved I usually get out.
      > -Daniel

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