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1962Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: planning trip searches?

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  • Mark Gessner
    Sep 1, 2003
      We already have programs on the web that take a start street address
      (or city), an end street address (or city), then draw you the fastest
      or shortest route between them. How difficult would it be to program
      something that took this output, translated the route into a list of
      lat/lon coordinate pairs, say one pair for each mile marker along the
      route, then allowed the user to find the caches within a user-specified
      distance adjacent to the route? Seems like this should be fairly easy
      to program. I have requested this feature from geocaching.com for the
      last two years. Instead we got some new icons. Please contact me
      directly if you have any idea how this can be implemented and put up on
      the web, and let's do it.

      aka "lowracer"
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