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1960RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] planning trip searches?

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  • LSR
    Sep 1, 2003

      I would suggest getting hold of a zip code finder to plot the course of travel and use the geocache.com or navicache.com find nearest cache by zip code.  Once you have selected your caches download those caches.   I like to set them up under the route format on the GPS using my home location as the starting waypoint this allows me to begin with the closes cache to my starting point.  I have a Rand McNally Zip Code Finder book or you might look up zip codes at your local post office. 

      Luther S. RodeGeocaching is the game,

      Huggy Bear Fbg" is the name.



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      We are planning on going to Georgia first week in Oct. and I would like to program my gps before we leave. We were wondering how others plan their trips and searches for caches before they got on the road? We are looking for Park and grabs and even some of those virtuals some people have complained about ;-) but don't want to stray to far from our route.


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