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  • Kevin (KoosKoos)
    Jan 1, 2007
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      Here's a really fast way to find places that fit numbers:

      The main site (in case of yahoo futzing the url):


      On 1/1/07, Doc < bcwatson@...> wrote:

      Well, nothing personal to the cache owners, but...
      The first one leaves a LOT to be desired for trying to figure out the numbers...  the geographical shapes are just not defined enough and some could pass for one or more numbers depending on how much of a river you use...  an two hours is all I'm going to waste on that one...
      The second was great!  Actual numbers!  (Not sure where one goes to find a list of places that have writing visible from space....) but the DEFG coords point to an empty field...  (perhaps the numbers have been plowed over and a new photo taken since the cache was created?  I tried emailing Inspector Gadget about this, but got a "Disk out of space" error from Groundspeak's web server when I tried to send it through the gc.com site....
      So, 3 hours (the length of the Rose Bowl) left me with... nothing...  zip...  nada....   nil....
      On the other hand, over the weekend I drove over 300 miles round trip to a friend's house and did some geocaches on the way.  All 15 I looked for were there...   That was time well spent....   and it was fun....

      StratmanAndTheHoot@... wrote:
      Here are a couple I know of:
      Curtis / Stratman
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      A cool concept....no?!

      Hello gang, this is what Im pondering....
      I was really examing a few caches on the Google map link and wondered if there has ever been
      hides made to where they actually looked like a letter or maybe a number
      on something like the ever popular(I love it) Google maps.
      This is what Im seeing....
      hover over The Upper Bull Creek District Park and notice how the placements
      look oddly like bowling pins, i see 9 with 1 missing. How cool is that?

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