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  • eoghan01
    Apr 3, 2002
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      Looks like perfect caching weather is here!
      Hope everyone's having great caching adventures.

      One quick question to ask....
      I've already archived my local caches but if at all possible, I'd
      prefer to unarchive them and leave them in place, having them looked
      after by some kind, attentive local geocachers. All that would be
      required is to put them on your watch list and do maintenance on them
      if they end up vandalized or full of water, or if the logbooks fill
      up or the baggies fall apart. The caches are:

      id=12253 PP01 One Year
      ID=1786 Barton Creek Waterfalls
      ID=3712 Koi Cache
      ID=3848 Change Exchange Cash Cache
      ID=8177 Once upon a cache...

      Pumpkin Princess will probably also need someone to look after:

      ID=1635 Lost Pines Challenge (in Bastrop SP)
      ID=12314 The Captain's Treasure
      ID=1317 Demise of a Dot Com

      Would anyone like to volunteer for extra duty?
      Maybe we could reimburse you with travel bugs or something.

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