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18350Re: Cache advice - for experienced geoachers?

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  • mda_taz
    Oct 2, 2006
      It sounds like the rating may not have been rated correctly, based
      on the information given. Have you emailed the owner to ask if that
      was indeed the container and if there was an easier way to get to
      it? Most cache owners usually help you with information. I have
      emailed cache owners occasionally, if I truly thought that a rating
      was too high or too low. Remember to be considerate and thoughtful.

      I personally do not agree that a cache should be counted as a find,
      unless you sign the physical logbook also. There are several caches
      that have decoy containers, so simply seeing it does not count. The
      fun of this great sport is the adventure, the hunt, the places
      caching take you, scenic views, historical places and knowing that
      you signed the logbook.

      There are some exceptions to the rule. Only after contacting the
      cache owner and verifying that you found the correct container and
      if there was something that altered its original location to prevent
      a normal retrieval, then you could count the find. There are some
      cases where an animal or nature has moved the container in a spot
      that cannot be reached. Also, not having a writing device does not
      excuse you from not signing the logbook.

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "Sylvie"
      <hanessacm@...> wrote:
      > Greetings to my Texas geocaching compadres!
      > I was called back to Austin for a week, so thought I'd cache
      > the weekend. Encountered a situation where I need to ask advice:
      > Situation -
      > A cache, rated as a 2,2 - where the author states we might need to
      > use creativity to get to the cache.
      > I arrive, see the cache -
      > it's 12-15 feet above, in a tree
      > Twist tied to the branch - only way to remove it is by reaching it
      > and taking off the cap to get to the log
      > not a climbing tree
      > is in a cemetary very near tombstones and graves
      > Question - does the fact I can state where it is, the
      > the environment, and the cache situation counts as a find, or is
      > logging the only proof of find?
      > Does the rating of 2,2 seem appropriate for this type of cache?
      > Does the fact the location does not readily provide for options
      > as a forest with loose tree branches, or sticks) bring up the
      > difficulty?
      > Does the location (ie, cemetary) make it that we are expected not
      > perhaps do what we would do in another locatation (such as an open
      > field, or forest?)
      > Need your advice - I counted it as a cache found, as I could
      > everything - location, situation, exact layout - but could not
      > the cache to log... and refused to climb the tree due to its
      > (Perhaps my religious upbringing...) - - author and cacher
      > my count as a find - -
      > I questioned the rating, and location...
      > What would you have done? count it? not count it? I'm not from
      here -
      > could I be expected to go back with a ladder? Is this an
      > place to be doing this (cemetary)?
      > I've only been caching since april, and have 340 finds (well,
      > 339) so still new to this - -this is the first time I've
      > this...
      > ADVICE please!
      > Aldy from Canada
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