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18333RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Cache advice - for experienced geoachers?

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  • Barry Watson
    Oct 1, 2006
      If you need a ladder, then that's special equipment required and should be a difficulty of 5.
      If it requires you to climb on a headstone to reach, then I would complain to geocaching.com
      I, myself, would not log a cache that I didn't sign the log for... that's just me.  I know other
      geocachers have different views than me about how far (or not) they will go to get a smiley.
      That's up to them and it's up to you.  There was a discussion here some time ago about
      the topic of numbers.  I think the general concensus is that it is an individual yardstick of
      one's own progress and that it is not a good way to compare what you do with others since
      they may have different personal rules on when it's ok or not to claim a smiley. 
      My best advice?  Don't claim it.  One smiley doesn't make a whole bunch of difference in
      any way.  And when you look back at the 1,000 smiley mark, you'll have a sense of
      satisfaction knowing that each smiley was one where you laid hands on and or signed the log.
      Remember, it's the journey and, of course, the destination... the fun of geocaching is most
      definitely NOT all about the smileys....
      Barry (Doc Geo)
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      Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2006 11:20 PM
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      Subject: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Cache advice - for experienced geoachers?

      Greetings to my Texas geocaching compadres!

      I was called back to Austin for a week, so thought I'd cache during
      the weekend. Encountered a situation where I need to ask advice:

      Situation -
      A cache, rated as a 2,2 - where the author states we might need to
      use creativity to get to the cache.

      I arrive, see the cache -
      it's 12-15 feet above, in a tree
      Twist tied to the branch - only way to remove it is by reaching it
      and taking off the cap to get to the log
      not a climbing tree
      is in a cemetary very near tombstones and graves

      Question - does the fact I can state where it is, the surroundings,
      the environment, and the cache situation counts as a find, or is
      logging the only proof of find?
      Does the rating of 2,2 seem appropriate for this type of cache?
      Does the fact the location does not readily provide for options (such
      as a forest with loose tree branches, or sticks) bring up the cache
      Does the location (ie, cemetary) make it that we are expected not to
      perhaps do what we would do in another locatation (such as an open
      field, or forest?)

      Need your advice - I counted it as a cache found, as I could describe
      everything - location, situation, exact layout - but could not reach
      the cache to log... and refused to climb the tree due to its location
      (Perhaps my religious upbringing.. .) - - author and cacher questions
      my count as a find - -
      I questioned the rating, and location...

      What would you have done? count it? not count it? I'm not from here -
      could I be expected to go back with a ladder? Is this an appropriate
      place to be doing this (cemetary)?

      I've only been caching since april, and have 340 finds (well, maybe
      339) so still new to this - -this is the first time I've encountered
      ADVICE please!
      Aldy from Canada

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