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18304Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] How do I set a background on a cache page?

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  • Julie Perrine
    Oct 1, 2006
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      From an accounting major to a liberal arts major:
      Create your cache page.  View it.
      In the blue box on the upper right corner, there is a choice that says "upload image".  Go through the steps to upload the image you want as the background.  I assume you have an image in .jped or .bmt form stored somewhere on your computer.
      Once you have the image loaded.  Refresh your cache page.  Down near where the hints are on the cache page, you'll see a little link to your image.  Sometimes it doesn't show up right away.  Refresh a couple of times until you see it. 
      Click on it.  You come to a page where you have the choice to View Image or Edit Image.  Click on View Image.  This brings you to a big copy of the picture with a URL at the top that indicates where on GC.com's server that image is stored.  Highlight the URL and do CTRL + C to copy the URL.
      Now, go back into the Edit Listing screen, the same one you used to create the cache page.   Two boxes under where you input the date you placed the cache, you'll see a box for "Background URL".  Click in that box and hit CTRL + V to paste the URL you copied a second ago into this box. 
      Check the two little boxes at the bottom of the page to agree to the terms again and submit.
      View the listing.  Your background should now appear.
      Long explanation, but it beats calling Candy on the cell phone while she's on the road caching in Dallas!
      Mrs Captain Picard

      On 9/30/06, bjdukette <bjdukette@...> wrote:

      How do I set a background on a cache page? Sorry for this simple
      questions, but I can't find the link from the gc site.

      Also - At the Geekfest, I learned all about PDAs and downloading cache
      info, etc., but I must have saturated out and don't know how to upload
      my found caches. Can we continue the lesson?

      Please keep it simple - I'm a liberal arts major.

      GiGi ;)

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